Sarah Sheehan


When I was a little girl, I had a bad habit of sticking out my tongue at people. Naturally, my mom couldn't allow this behavior. "Don't stick out your tongue at people," she said. So naturally, being the ever-obedient baby of the family, I didn't stick out my tongue anymore. Instead, I closed my eyes, tightened my lips, and jutted my chin in the direction of whoever pissed me off. And that, my friends, is how we knew one day I'd change the world.

Fast forward a few years, and I did the whole traveling thing, the whole college thing, the whole "becoming" thing. And in my period of becoming (which continues to this day), I earned three undergraduate degrees and one master's, learned how to read two more languages, looked up at the sky from three continents, fell into my destiny as sugar mama to a deliciously rambunctious rescue dog, started a couple businesses (see them here and here), and ultimately stumbled upon a beautiful truth: a bitch is powerful af.

Now, I do a whole bunch of shit I love, relish my existence, and write about seizing life and going hard for yourself and your people with no apologies.




- Harnessing your power
- Unlearning gendered "norms"
- Embracing womxnhood
- Fighting for every womxn, every time


- Using the system the way rich folk do
- Unlearning 9-5 burnout culture
- Leveraging boundaries to level up in business


- Prioritizing care, not diets and gains
- Defending bodily autonomy
- Destigmatizing neurodivergence
- Recognizing invisible illness


- Uprooting martyr culture in the classroom
- Replacing white-centered, cisgendered, male-oriented curricula with the truth
- Dismantling classist, colonial hierarchies in the classroom